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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Where is the best vacation spot in Indonesia?

Wanna have some vacation in Indonesia? The choices are endless. Say Bali, Lombok, Menado-Bunaken, Sulawesi, Lake Toba - Sumatra or Bintan. It all depends on what you are into and what your preferences and luxury requirements are. Lombok and Gili Island is the best destination for your perfect holiday wheter for family or honeymoon. but Never, ever Jakarta. That is the nastiest city in Indonesia. Polluted, dirty, floods, filth everywhere and constant traffic jams. Malls do NOT make it a good vacation spot. Jakarta is a place for business.

Another Indonesia Vacation Spots may: Gong Factory in West Java, Krakatoa Volcano on Java, Elephant safari ride tours, Nature reserves, Tri-colored lakes in Keli Mutu (volcanic craters), Nusa Tenggara, General Douglas MacArthur headquarters in Irian Jaya, Kraton palace in Yogyakarta, Indonesia in Miniature Park in Jakarta, Borobudur Temple on Java.

Tanjung Benoa is either one exotic spot, otherwise known as Benoa Peninsula, is one of the most prominent vacatios spots in Indonesia, situated on the Bali’s south-eastern coast. Located to the north of Nusa Dua, Tanjung Benoa is a picturesque five kilometer long peninsula, boasting of a breathtaking landscape consisting of gorgeous white sandy beach, majestic mountains, and incredible coconut plantations.
Tanjung Benoa also contains a number of other interesting tourist spots. You can find here a large number of statues displayed in the street starting from Batubulan village to Tegaltamu. Apart from these stone statues, Batubulan is also renowned for its magnificent shrines. Further, Batubulan provides options to shop items such as textiles, handicraft and carved items, and traditional clothing items. There are also some shops conducting traditional Balinese performances such as Barong and Rangda dances.

The Borobudur Temple, an exotic Indonesia vacation spot Mahayana Buddhism, is located on the island of Java. West Java has several alluring resorts, the mighty Krakatoa Volcano, and a wildlife reserve. See the sun rise from the peak of the Promo Volcano in East Java, or take in a unique bull race on nearby Madura Island. Appreciate Javanese culture and dance at its best in Yogyakarta. North Sumatra is bursting with flora and fauna to see and enjoy. A popular highlands tourist spot is Bukittingi in West Sumatra. Visit the Grand Mosque in Aceh, and peer at the raffelsia, the biggest flower worldwide, in a national park in Lampung.

A quest down the Makaham river system in East Kalimantan can result in a fascinating journey, seeing trees with wild orchids, and some wildlife. Visit places like the Regional Museum of Palangkaraya, and the gold mines in Teweh and Batu Api in the central region. Artifacts such as stone carvings and ceramics appear to date back to the 400s in the west region, and arts and culture reign in the South, with handicrafts and art, dance, and music.

Maluku, with its thousand islands, are also known as the Spice Islands. The capital of Ambon is ripe with historical and cultural sites. Irian Jaya is home to General Douglas MacArthur’s headquarters in World War II, and the lake with nary a tourist, Lake Sentani.

Enjoy the fine scenery in South Sulawesi, as well as great water sports in Ujung Pandang, and the Tomb of Sultan Hasnuddin’s enormous crypt. North Sulawesi has pristine white-sand beaches and stunning coral reefs seemingly juxtaposed with majestic mountains and active volcanoes. In Southeast Sulawesi, take note of the very friendly locals, even more pristine beaches, and excellent flora and fauna sightseeing opportunities.

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