The Paradise for Divers, Raja Ampat

Saturday, 23 April 2016

amazing raja ampat papua
There is no other place that is better than Raja Ampat when it comes to the beauty of the underwater life. In this place, the beauty of the sea captures the heart of a lot of people. It is not only about the sea but it is also about the surrounding sceneries. The beach with the beautiful shore to be seen with the beautiful sea seems to be very peaceful with the refreshing zephyr. Just by looking at the scenery once, a lot of people realize how the beauty Raja Ampat is one of a kind and as they dive deep into the sea, they’ll find the magnificent scenery.
Travel to Raja Ampat will require a proper planning because the cost to travel there considered being expensive. The first question that will pop inside of the head is how to get to Raja Ampat. The only way to go to Raja Ampat is by plane (which will take around 6 hours) and then continues the journey with bus and boats. It is a safe option to get a package of trip from the travel agencies such as the diving packages those can be found being offered from several other places around Indonesia such as Bali.
Once arriving in Raja Ampat, travelers will be able to find places to stay during their time at Raja Ampat. Travelers may choose to stay in the resorts, hotels, camp grounds or the floating houses as well as staying with the locals. Certainly for the people who come to Raja Ampat by buying a tour package, places to stay such as resorts or hotels will be provided by the tour agencies. There are tour agencies those also offering the floating houses as well as the camp grounds for the unique experience. Sorido Bay resort and Kri Eco Resort are amongst the most popular resorts.
amazing raja ampat
Exploring Raja Ampat is the most interesting thing that will be something waited by the visitors of Raja Ampat. There are several ways to explore Raja Ampat. Visitors may walk around the beaches or they may also use speed boats to sail on the water. Hiring local traditional boats can also become a great option to be chosen. Diving and also snorkeling are the favorite activities in Raja Ampat because this place is the paradise of sea creatures those are unique and interesting to be seen. These sea creatures are the main attraction for a lot of people especially divers.
The world of undersea in Raja Ampat is famous for being so diverse. There are thousands of species found here and new species are appearing from time to time. This place certainly a paradise for the people who love sea and that includes divers all around the world. There will be not enough words to describe the beauty of Raja Ampat’s underwater. It will be a good idea to bring waterproof camera to take various pictures with aside of buying the local souvenirs being sold by the local Asmat tribe’s craftsmen.


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