Serune Kalee, An Acehnese Traditional Musical Instruments That Are Becoming Obsolete

Monday, 30 April 2012

Serune Kalee is a traditional wind instruments Aceh is a typical traditional Acehnese musit tool capable of steady incredible instruments that accompany the songs and heroic calm nan who has grown old and lived by the people of Aceh since the days of the kingdom-the kingdom of Aceh until now. 

This instrument is popular in the area of ​​Pidie, North Aceh, Aceh Besar and Aceh Barat. This instrument is usually played in conjunction with the Gendrang Rapai and entertainment events, dances, welcoming guests of honor at the king of kings kingdom of the golden age of Aceh Darussalam.

Kalee Serune together with geundrang and Rapai is suatau perangkatan music since the heyday of Aceh Darussalam kingdom until now remained to decorate / color the music sector in Aceh's traditional culture. Serune Kalee is one of the traditional wind instrument of Aceh. This instrument is one of the flute or clarinet, spread in the Malay community.

Kalee Serune word refers to two different things. The first word, pointing to the brass Serune traditional Acehnese who often played together Rapai. While Kalee is the name of a village name in Laweung, Pidie. Thus, Serune Kalee Kalee has the meaning of fife. Giving the name may be associated with the manufacture or appearance.

Music equipment is not only used by people of Aceh, but also the Minangkabau, Agam, and several other areas in West Sumatra. In fact, the distribution of these supplies reach Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia. This kind of musical instrument is also found in other coastal areas of Aceh Province and, as Pidie, North Aceh, Aceh Besar, Aceh and West with a similar name (Burhan Paradise, ed., 1986: 81). Each region who use this kind of music gives a wide range of variations in the equipment, so that the shape and its name was also mixed. However, among the several variations serune, there are similarities in the feel of a raised voice, the barrel of a tone, vibration, sound volume, the dynamics of his voice.

This equipment has elongated straight round and round. The top of this equipment are small, then grow until the end of the bottom. In the body there are holes for the fingers with a large enough size. The very bottom of this equipment is growing like lotus petals. Enough to carry this equipment put into bags that were binding on the reins of the fabric, then carried on the shoulder.

Based on existing data, this equipment has been around since the advent of Islam to Aceh. There are some who say this equipment came from China (ZH Idris, 1993: 48-49). Regardless of the assumption, in fact does Aceh kingdom in ancient times is open. It results in Aceh are visited by merchants from various overseas territories. In the reign of Sultan Iskandar Muda (1607-1636), Aceh has a prominent position.  

At this time of culture in Aceh is also growing rapidly, one of which is the arts, with a strong Islamic style. Serune Kalee equipment still current plays an important role in various performing arts, in various ceremonies, and other events. Kalee Serune music games have been entertaining the people of Aceh since the first until now.

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