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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Wakatobi is a paradise consists of four big islands: Wangi-Wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia, and Binongko. No more doubts, we need time to explore all parts of Wakatobi. While the information of public boat schedules is still less published in the website or books, even when I did research on traveling in Wakatobi I still found difficulties in getting the exact information about boat schedule.

Traveling to Wakatobi is not as distress as it seems. From what I've experienced, if you can't find boat or the plan is not working as it should be, just take another boat because actually whatever routes you take, it's still possible to make it on time. For example, in my case I planned to start from Bau Bau-Tomia-Kaledupa-Wangi Wangi-Bau Bau. Unfortunately after asking the people at the harbor on that night, boat to Tomia was not operated. Other option was to take boat to Wangi Wangi up to Tomia. Again after I checked trying to adjust the schedule, if we did Wangi Wangi first, there's no boat from Tomia to Bau-Bau on the day we're planned cause we had to go back with Pelni from Bau Bau to Makassar. Then after asking around, there's boat to Kaledupa. So, we ended up going to Kaledupa-Tomia-Wangi Wangi, perfect plan. Means, no matter what route what ship you take you can adjust. Here are some data I got, hopefully it's still the same.

Boat Schedule
Bau Bau (Murhum Port)- Wangi Wangi (Wanci Port) : Everyday 9 p.m.  Price Rp 105,000
Wangi- Wangi (Wanci Port) - Bau Bau (Murhum Port) : Everyday 9 p.m. Price Rp 105,000
duration: more or less 10 hours depends on the waves

Speed boat Bau-Bau (Murhum Port) - Wangi Wangi (Wanci Port): Mostly every even date but check out the schedule on the port 1 p.m.  Rp 180,000 duration: 3-4 hours
Speed boat Wangi Wangi (Wanci Port) -Bau-Bau (Murhum Port): Mostly everyday but check out the schedule on the port 8 a.m  Rp 180,000 duration: 3-4 hours

Bau Bau (Murhum Port)-Tomia (Waha Port) : Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, Monday 9 p.m. Rp 130,000
Tomia (Waha Port)-Bau Bau (Murhum Port) : Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday 9 a.m. Rp 130,000
duration: more or less 12 hours depends on the waves

Bau Bau (Murhum Port)-Kaledupa (Buranga Port) : Day need to be confirmed at the port 9 p.m. Rp 55,000 duration around 14 hours

Wangi Wangi-Kaledupa-Tomia : Everyday
Tomia-Kaledupa-Wangi Wangi : Everyday
Same boat, they pass Kaledupa so you can get down in Kaledupa (Taw harbor) where you need to pay Rp 10,000 for the transfer by small boat because the boat is not going to docked on the port. Depart at 9 a.m. so approximately stopped for a while in Kaledupa around 11 p.m. then continued to Tomia, arrived around 2 or 3 p.m. Same thing from Tomia 9 a.m. stopped at Kaledupa around 11 p.m. and headed to Wangi-Wangi around 2 p.m. Price is Rp 50,000 until Kaledupa. Rp 100,000 Wangi2-Tomia or Tomia-Wangi2

Fast boat cost Rp 80,000 to Kaledupa and Rp 120,000 to Tomia/Wangi Wangi depart around 8 a.m. from Wangi Wangi or Tomia. But I suggest you to take normal boat because  if you use fast boat, they'll drop you in Usuku Port (Tomia) while all the main diving centers are in Waha Port, so better to take regular boat.

Kendari-Wangi Wangi :  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday 10 a.m. Rp 130,000

Contact Person for diving/snorkeling:
Wangi-Wangi (Waha Beach): Pak Sudirman (085241857674)
Kaledupa (Hoga Island): Pak Jufry (085395303993)
Tomia: Pak Ade (081234767854 / 085341300675)

- There are two main starting point to Wakatobi: Bau Bau and Kendari. I, myself prefer start from Bau Bau because you can explore Bau Bau. Also direct flight to Wangi Wangi is available from Makassar/Kendari. 
- Ask and ask. The boat schedule can be changed anytime and not fixed. Spare your time to ask people around about the schedule.
- Using the regular boat is a challenging thing, not only the long time but the wave can be so rough sometimes. Don't expect to much on regular boat. It is the cheapest so the condition is average. There's mat where you can sleep, it's better to put some of your belongings to mark your place few hours before so you have mat to sleep. It's quiet safe, just put everything except valuable things.
- Price for diving is about Rp 350,000/dive (license) and Rp 450,000/dive (non license) contact the person I mentioned above.
- You'll spot snakes in Wakatobi sometimes. Don't worry they won't attack you unless you threatened them.
- You need extra time and energy but believe me, it's way too beautiful to be missed. So it's totally worthy.

Follow my journey and pictures about Bau Bau, Wangi Wangi, Hoga, and Tomia

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