Kartini Beach, Tourism Family And Education In Jepara

Monday, 31 August 2015

                               Pantai Kartini Jepara
Jepara is a small town in Central Java province.
During this time the city is famous for crafting Jepara carving typical.But who would have thought if it turns out Jepara also has a well-known natural attractions and a shame to miss. Tourist attractions are Kartini Beach.Location
Kartini Beach

                               Pantai KartiniKartini beach situated in Fur, Jepara, Central Java. The beach is located 2.5 km to the west of Jepara Regent's Office. Kartini Beach layout is very strategic since arriving on the path towards the sea transport Karimunjawa National Marine Park and Long Island.Access
Jepara Kartini Beach

                               Pantai Kartini JeparaKartini beach can be accessed through the city of Semarang. From these pose your Semarang Semarang - Demak - Jepara. The overland trip you can take a motorbike or a car. If you want to have more free time then you should rent a car from Semarang.From Jepara city itself to get to this beach you just have to drive as far as 3 km away. The journey from Jepara Kartini Beach is not difficult because then you will be assisted with directions that have been available in all the way.Arriving at the Kartini Beach later you will see two gate entrances. The first entrance gate which is access to Kartini Beach pier. Travelers who through this gate will usually be towards Karimun Jawa. The second gate is the entrance to the beach Kartini. Well, you will have to enter through the second gate.Levy
turtle ocean park Kartini Beach

                                kura-kura ocean park Pantai KartiniTo get into the Kartini Beach you have to pay the fees of 5,000 rupiah each person. As for the cost of parking motor vehicles such as motorcycles, cars, or buses ranging from 2,000 rupiah to 12,500 rupiah. The parking fees depending on what vehicle you are carrying.What is interesting from Kartini Beach
turtle ocean park and pier Kartini Beach

                                kura-kura ocean park dan dermaga Pantai KartiniThe local government gave the name of Kartini's aims in order to honor our heroes RA Kartini. Reportedly antiquity R.A. Kartini and his brother used to play on this beach.Kartini beach has white sand and calm waves. This beach is suitable visited as a family tourism. In addition to offering panoramic keindahaan natural beach, there are some rides available on this beach.In contrast to the attraction of other beaches, on this beach not only enjoy the panoramic beauty of the beach, but also a vehicle for entertainment and education.Rides, among others such as turtles Ocean Park, a children's playground, mini spoor, giant chess, stage entertainment, monument Kartini, an gup, and many more. Besides these rides, the local government will also build other rides such as the wave house, the home of pirates, Ferris wheel, mini bumper boats, mini cruises, and others.Of the many rides that was mentioned earlier, one of the rides of the famous and much in demand by tourists is Tortoise Ocean Park. To get into this vehicle you are obliged to buy tickets costing 17,500 rupiah per person.Turtle Ocean park is a giant aquarium in the form of a turtle. Construction of turtles Ocean Park is as a means of education about the underwater life Indonesia diverse.Building turtles Ocean Park consists of two floors. Where the first floor at the front is used as office managers, besides on the 1st floor there are also a variety of booths that mejual Jepara souvenirs for those who are interested to bring souvenirs for relatives, coworkers, and family at home.At the first floor there is a marine park consisting of a super large aquarium with underwater mystery hallway. From inside the hall you can see underwater life with a variety of large fish. Fish that you can see in this hall, among others Sharks, Dotty Back, Angel Fish, Pari, Giant Trafelly, snapper, grouper, Jenaha, Triger, Mimi & Mintuna, Pufferfish, turtles and coral reefs.Kartini Beach sunset
                                 sunset Pantai Kartini
In addition there is also a super large aquarium tank wall 12 units and 4 pieces of portable tank that contains a variety of marine and fresh water fish are small. There are also touch screen information boards that will help you know more about Jepara.On this floor there is also a touch pool containing freshwater fish and turtles. You are allowed to touch the turtles benign in this pool. For those of you who want to try the fish spa sensation can soak your feet in a pool spa fish which contains thousands of Garra Rufa fish from Turkey.While on the second floor, you'll be treated to Jepara Sciece Park consisting of Creative Board, Fountain Float, Viewer Tap Sensor and Motion Sensor, Fan Without Propeller, Aircraft Flight Simulator, and others. Also on this floor you can enjoy the show IMAX Deep Sea 3D is interesting.

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