Binaiya mountain

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Binaiya mountain 3027 meters above sea level or also known as the 'Pearl of Nusa Ina' is one of the highest mountains in Indonesia is located on the island of Seram Maluku which have tremendous scenery. One difference Binaiya mountain to other mountains that particularly in Java is the ascent path that must pass through the village - the village and the township first to get to the foot of the mountain Binaiya, which certainly means mountain climbing lane will be much longer.
                                      Puncak Binaiya
Mount Binaiya included in the National Park area Manusela, mountain Binaiya is unique because of the towering height of 0 meters to 3027 meters above sea level. At the foot of the mountain, there are many rivers which spans 6-8 meters. Binaiya mountain located in the interior, so that the tourist facilities and accommodation for almost nothing, except some custom home residents are provided for mountain climbers stay overnight.
                                      Sungai di Jalur Selatan
Mount Binaiya included in SEVEN SUMMIT INDONESIA very interesting to visit, we of Tourism Mount Indonesia is ready to serve friends to set foot on the mountain top Binaiya with full facilities, safety, fun and memorable.

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