List of Places in South Sulawesi

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Makassar city is the capital of South Sulawesi province were already familiar in the ears of society. City with an area of ​​175.77 square kilometers is one of the cities with a variety of beauty in it (See: List of Tourist Attractions in Makassar). As well as the typical makassarnya Coto Makassar also presents a wide selection of tourist attractions that are not less interesting to Bali. If you are planning a vacation with family, relatives or friends Makassar able to become one of the goals that ought to you consider. For more details, here are some sights in South Sulawesi most beautiful to visit.

    List of Places in South Sulawesi

 1 Losari

Places in South Sulawesi - Losari
Who does not know the beauty of the beach Losari. This beach is well known in many circles as one of the icons of Makassar beautiful and must to visit when going to Makassar. All sites must have its own uniqueness and advantages compared to other tourist attractions including sites in South Sulawesi this Losari beach. The beach is a wonderful addition is also different from most other beaches. If you usually get to know the coast with the beauty and softness of the sand on this beach you will find sand but the concrete at the edge of a beach. Although not have sand as a place to relax and play, this beach serves a wide range of activities that are no less enjoyable. You can fish, ride a banana boat or water bikes, sail boats and others. In addition you can go jogging in the morning on an existing track after enjoying the sunrise or enjoy the sunset while tasting various culinary offer.

 2 Marine Park Takabonerate

                                   Tempat Wisata di Sulawesi Selatan - Taman Laut TakaBonerate

Places in South Sulawesi - Marine Park Takabonerate
For those of you who love the water, the marine park taka Bonerate able to be the choice for you. marine park which became one of the leading tourist attractions in South Sulawesi is in Selayar this is a paradise for divers to enjoy the underwater scenery and is perfect for those of you who have a hobby snorkeling. You can enjoy a variety of panoramic underwater life by contributing to swim with hundreds of fish, turtles, turtles and coral reefs are very beautiful. In addition to the beautiful underwater panorama, this tour also gives a very affordable price. Rates are given to enjoy the beauty of this park is 25,000 to 60,000 for domestic tourists as well as foreign tourists. Not only that, you can rent a variety of diving equipment only to 250,000, so you do not have to bother to bring equipment from home.

 3 National Parks Bantimurung

                                       Tempat Wisata di Sulawesi Selatan - Taman Nasional Bantimurung

Places in South Sulawesi - National Park Bantimurung
Tourist attractions in South Sulawesi are mandatory for your next visit is the national park Bantimurung. National park located in the district of Maros or approximately 45 km from Makassar city center is very well known as the kingdom of butterflies because there are about 250 species of butterflies are there so that the butterflies serve as the mascot of this tourist spot. So you will not only be presented with a captivating panorama of natural beauty but also will increase your knowledge. park with an area of ​​43,750 ha, besides well-known by millions of butterflies also provides a captivating natural beauty with limestone hills, waterfalls and caves are no less captivating.

 4 Malino

Places in South Sulawesi - Malino
As well as the panoramic beauty of the sea, South Sulawesi also provides a natural panorama of mountains equally beautiful one is Malino. Malino is a tourist spot in South Sulawesi that provide natural scenery of mountains and plateaus are very cool and spoil the eye. Tourist attractions are located about 90 km from Makassar city center presents the beauty of the mountains even before you reach your destination. During the trip you will be spoiled with pine forests and the beauty of the beautiful limestone. tourist spots that are well known since the time of Dutch besides presents a panorama of mountains also provide the beauty of the many waterfalls that you should not miss. in addition, because of the cool mountain air of this place also provide other travel such as tea plantations, valleys blue and historical attractions in the form of a Japanese bunker interesting relics.

 5 Tanjung Bira

                                            Tempat Wisata di Sulawesi Selatan - Pantai Tanjung Bira

Places in South Sulawesi - Tanjung Bira
Tanjung Bira is a fine white sand beaches and clean with clear sea water is very popular in South Sulawesi. visitors can also watch the sunrise and sunset and the beauty of the two islands in front of him, namely the island Liukang loe and Goat islands (uninhabited). Tanjung Bira is located approximately 200 km from Makassar or 40 km from Bulukumba. This place has been equipped with a parking lot, inns, hotels, villas, bungalows, and restaurant and others. In coastal areas there is also a ferry port that is ready to take visitors who want to travel to the island Selayar.

 6 Indigenous Regions Ammatoa

                                           Tempat Wisata di Sulawesi Selatan - Kawasan Adat Ammatoa

Places in South Sulawesi - Indigenous Regions Ammatoa
The preservation of the natural beauty of the forest area is characteristic of the region's customs and culture of people living far from the modern lifestyle. Kajang community characteristics that exist in the village of Tana Toa looks everyday that all black clothes with color, while the characteristics of the building facing the North his home uniform. Society led by a person who holds Amma Toa with the leadership of a lifetime. Located in District Kajang, about 56 Km from the city Bulukumba.

 7 Ke'te Kesu

                                        Tempat Wisata di Sulawesi Selatan - Ke’te Kesu

Places in South Sulawesi - Ke'te Kesu
Ke'te Kesu means the center of activity, where the presence of the village, where the craft of carving, and cemeteries. Activity center is a row of traditional houses called Tongkonan, which is a fascinating object in this village. Besides Tongkonan, here too there is a granary and building megaliths in the vicinity. About 100 meters behind the village there are cliffs with grave cemetery site dependent and tau-tau in a stone building which was given a fence. Tau-tau shows the appearance of the owner daily. This village is also known for carving skill possessed by inhabitants as well as a great place to shop for souvenirs. Located about 4 Km from southeast Rantepao.

 8 Island Marine Tourism Bulupoloe

                                 Tempat Wisata di Sulawesi Selatan - Wisata Bahari di Pulau Bulupoloe

Places in South Sulawesi - Island Marine Tourism Bulupoloe
The main attraction which radiates from the island Bulupoloe which makes it as one of the attractions worth visiting is the natural beauty of the mountains and the beauty baharinya. A stretch of beach with white sand around the periphery of the island be added value. In addition, some of the places on this island there is a source of fresh water that adds to the uniqueness of this island.

Sea Island charm presented Bulupoloe This further adds amazed because the condition of beaches are still very natural and have not been contaminated by pollution. Not only that, the sea water is very clear on this island, decorated with a variety of dazzling coral reefs, da colorful fish and other marine biota which further adds vibrant underwater life on the island this Bulupoloe. In addition to natural attractions, on this island we can enjoy traditional culinary Luwu, and there are also several inns.

Bulupoloe island is included in the administrative region of East Luwu regency, South Sulawesi. East Luwu district is about 500 km from Makassar.

 9 Museum Balla Lompoa

                                      Tempat Wisata di Sulawesi Selatan - Museum Balla Lompoa

Places in South Sulawesi - Museum Balla Lompoa
Lompoa Balla museum is a reconstruction of the Royal Palace Gowa established by the government of King of Gowa-31 in 1936. The architecture is typical of the Bugis-shaped houses, ie houses on stilts made of ironwood or ironwood. Built on an area of ​​one hectare bounded by a high wall.

The building consists of two parts, the main room measuring 60 x 40 meters in which there are private rooms king, a storage area of ​​historic objects, booth kingdom with an area of ​​each chamber measuring 6 x 5 meters, and a terrace room (reception room ) measuring 40 x 4.5 meters. The building is equipped with a window that is a lot hallmark houses bugis with the size of each window is 0.5 x 0.5 meters. This museum is a place where a collection of objects Gowa.

Balla Lompoa Museum is located at Jalan Sultan Hasanuddin No. 48 Sungguminasa, Somba Opu, Gowa, directly adjacent to the city of Makassar.

 10 Island Kapoposang

                                       Tempat Wisata di Sulawesi Selatan - Pulau Kapoposang

Places in South Sulawesi - Island Kapoposang
Is one of the islands Spermonde where the island has a coral reef that is very beautiful to store diverse marine life interesting. Located in the village of Mattiroujung, District Liukang Tupabiring, can be reached by speedboat about 90 minutes to the northwest of Napier.

 11 Island Dutungeng

                                     Tempat Wisata di Sulawesi Selatan - Pulau Dutungeng

Places in South Sulawesi - Island Dutungeng
Island with an area of ​​about 9 hectares has a beautiful stretch of white sand on the outside. Surrounded by the blue sea view you are guaranteed to feel comfortable to stay linger in this place. Cilelang located in the village about 48 Km from the city Barru.

 12 Nature Baths Hot Lejja

                                 Tempat Wisata di Sulawesi Selatan - Pemandian Alam Air Panas Lejja

Places in South Sulawesi - Nature Baths Hot Lejja
The water temperature in the bath can reach 60 degrees Celsius, so it is often believed to cure skin diseases and rheumatism. The bathhouse is located in a mountainous area, has a beautiful natural scenery, cool and very interesting to visit for berrekreasi. Located in the village of Bulu, District Marioriwa about 44 Km from the city Watansoppeng.

 13 Boat Craft Centre Phinisi

                                  Tempat Wisata di Sulawesi Selatan - Pusat Kerajinan Perahu Phinisi

Places in South Sulawesi - Boat Craft Center Phinisi
Tana Beru famous as a shipbuilding / traditional boats. You will feel amazed at the expertise of the community to make a traditional boat with traditional wood construction and equipment as well. They were able to make the boat very sturdy and stately only based on the experience and knowledge acquired from their ancestors, without using pictures or written literature. History proves that the boat Phinisi archipelago has successfully sailed to Vancouver Canada, the United States in 1986. Therefore, Bulukumba dubbed as Butta Panritta Lopi, which means earth or soil experts Phinisi boat makers. Phinisi boat craft center is located in the coastal village of Tana Beru, District Bontobahari, about 24 Km from the city Bulukumba

 14 Island Samalona

                                 Tempat Wisata di Sulawesi Selatan - Pulau Samalona

Places in South Sulawesi - Island Samalona
Samalona island is an area of ​​Makassar which covers approximately 2.34 hectares. This island is one of the maritime tourist attraction visited by many local and foreign tourists. This island is very nice area utuk diving, because the surrounding sea corals are inhabited by diverse tropical fish and other marine life. The island is located about 6.8 km from the city of Makassar, which can be taken approximately 20-30 minutes by using a speed boot. At this location there are also several simple lodging house-shaped stage that can accommodate about 20 people. In addition, there are also some food stalls which provide a variety of fresh seafood.

 15 Somba Opu

                                     Tempat Wisata di Sulawesi Selatan - Benteng Somba Opu

Places in South Sulawesi - Somba Opu
Somba Opu was built in 1525 by the Sultan of Gowa to IX. This fort was the center of trade and harbor spice visited by traders from Asia and Europe. In 1669, the fort was occupied by the VOC then destroyed by submerged by a tidal wave. 1980s, the fort was rediscovered by a number of scientists are. And in 1990, the fort was reconstructed so that it looks better. Now, Somba Opu became a historic sights in the city of Makassar in which there are several custom home building representing South Sulawesi Bugis, Makassar, Mandar and Toraja. In addition, there is also a cannon with a length of 9 m and a weight of 9,500 kg and a museum containing historical objects of the Sultanate of Gowa.

Tourist attractions in South Sulawesi in addition to presenting the natural beauty also provide additional knowledge in many ways one of them is history. Some sights on is the best option when visiting the southern Sulawesi province. may be useful to readers in determining the choice of tour ..

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