Seven Places in Papua Very Exotic for Visited

Monday, 5 October 2015

Papua is part of Indonesia's easternmost region that holds the potential of natural and extraordinary tour. Raja Ampat is known throughout the world is one of the hidden paradise in Papua. To determine the purpose of the tourist attractions in your Papua unnecessary confusion.

Do not have to go abroad to enjoy the beautiful sights. Try to come to Papua, this place has a lot of tourist attractions that are unique and interesting. Ranging from underwater scenery, views of the mountains to the local wisdom that all of it can make us spellbound. Attractions in Papua in general show a landscape that is still very natural. More details, here we present a review of the tourist sites in Papua.


    List of Tourist Attractions in Papua

 1 Raja Ampat

Places Papua - Raja Ampat
Almost all people in our country have heard the name of Raja Ampat although most of them have never come here. Raja Ampat is a tourist destination in Papua are very well known, both by tourists both local and foreign tourists. There are approximately 1,511 species of fish and sea turtles, the most interesting activities in one of the resorts in Papua is a dive. The best time to dive is in October-November, this is because the weather in this very nice so the water becomes clear and visibility is becoming increasingly close. besides diving we can also buy trinkets Papua typical here.

 2 Cendrawasih Bay National Park

Places Papua - Cendrawasih Bay National Park
The park is located in the district of Wondama and Nabire. National park which is one of the tourist attractions in Papua has an area of ​​approximately 1,453,500 hectares is mostly water. This place is one of the largest marine conservation area in our country, Indonesia. Because it has a very wide area, so it is not that surprising that this place has a variety of marine animals are very many kinds and types. 206 species of fish and 196 species of molluscs contained herein. To enjoy the beauty beneath the sea as well as contracts with the animal inside you can dive to the ocean floor that is not too deep. There are several small islands around the Park, among others: Mioswaar island, island Yoop, Noemfoor island and other small islands. The activities explore the small islands is an activity that should not be missed. Attractions in Papua, this one is an interesting place to visit.

Gulf of paradise is also a national park that is protected by the state. But you can still come to see the exotic nature of paradise bay. This area is the largest water conservation area in Indonesia. in this bay there is a wide variety of sharks, turtles, turtle even dolphins live in this area. A variety of wildlife that you can encounter when you do a dive in the bay area of ​​paradise. Attractions this one really exotic nature that is so typical. Even in the bay of the island there are caves with hot springs in it.

 3 Lake Sentani

Places Papua - Sentani Lake
This lake is the most famous lake in Papua. The beauty and elegance of the lake has been famous sentani up to the world. Tourist attractions in Papua is presenting landscapes sentani lake views. In this lake there are 21 islands located at an altitude of 75 meters. You can enjoy walking around the lake with boat hire, swimming to fishing. In addition, you can do culinary tours in Papua by trying a variety of restaurant or cafes that surround the lake.

This lake has a very beautiful view that can not be expressed in words. Fishing and swimming is an activity that is most preferred by the tourists, besides tourists can also play boat, take pictures or just sit enjoy pamandangan only. It attracted the most awaited by the tourists is Lake Sentani festival. The event was held in mid-June. Traveled to Papua feels incomplete when not enjoying the Lake Sentani festival

 4 Baliem

Places Papua - Baliem
Baliem Valley is one of the tourist attractions in Papua, located in the mountains Jaya Wijaya. Baliem valley inhabited by Yani, lani and Dani tribe. This valley is located at an altitude of about 1600 meters above sea level, this makes the temperature here is very cool. Baliem Valley Festival is an event that is very attractive for tourists. The festival is held in August for three days by telling tribal war as a scenario.

Here you will enjoy the atmosphere of the original ethnic communities in Papua Dani tribe. Each august Baliem crowded by tourists. Usually these tourists want to see the Baliem Valley Festival held by local people. Tourist attractions this one is presenting at the same time enjoy the cultural experience of having indigenous peoples of Papua.

 5 Tourism Village Sauwandarek

Places Papua - Tourism Village Sauwandarek
Tourist attractions in Papua is indeed presenting cultural tourism and nature are so exotic and unique. In the tourist village Sauwandarek you can live with the indigenous peoples of Papua who live on the coast. This tourist village located in the district of Raja Ampat. Besides living with indigenous people of Papua, in this tourist village you can also can do snorkeling, swimming and fishing. In this village there are yenauwyau salty lake.

 6 Puncak Jayawijaya

Places Papua - Puncak Jayawijaya
One tourist destination in Papua are included in the target peak 7 mountaineers from different parts of the world are Puncak Jayawijaya. One of the natural attractions are located in the National Park Laurentz has a very beautiful panorama and the peak was always covered by snow.

 7 Lake Paniai
Places Papua - Lake Paniai
In addition to Sentani Lake, Lake Paniai also a choice of sights in Papua. This lake has also been referred to as the most beautiful lakes in the Lake Se-World Conference which was held on November 30, 2007 in India and followed by 157 countries. The lake is located at an altitude of 1,700 meters above sea level with an area of ​​14,500 hectare lake. You can enjoy the scenery is very beautiful at dusk and watched the birds fly over the lake, silhouette cliffs plus fishing boats have returned. Was fairly comprehensive facilities, such as guides, boat rentals, gatehouse and a fishing pole, to the diner around the lake.

Tourist attractions in Papua exotic to visit the above display pamandangan very natural that is the hallmark of the tourist attractions in the area. A few brief information about Papua travel, may be useful to the reader in determining attractions to be visited while in Papua.

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