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Monday, 19 October 2015

There are a lot of uniqueness of the tourist attractions in East Java, among which is the alluring charm of natural attractions and panoramic sea that captivates. The province with the largest population in Indonesia has capital which is also a tourist destination in East Java, Surabaya. Metropolitan city of Surabaya in East Java is the face of today's modern with cultural characteristics are still maintained.

                          tempat wisata di jawa timur

The uniqueness of East Java travel can be found in East Java culinary offerings with a variety of processed seafood, meat food creativity, and a number of other culinary food typical of East Java. One is the famous satay Madura. Or, you can go to Mojokerto to taste delicious dumplings there.

Access to reach tourist attractions in East Java has also been supported by a variety of modes of transportation as well as good infrastructure. Juanda air service is one of the best in Indonesia. In East Java, you can easily get public bus, ride public transportation, or rent a car for private use, by taxi. In fact, the options around the city by rickshaw or motorcycle are the things you can find there.

Places in East Java
Compiled from various sources, here are a number of tourist attractions in East Java, the most attractive and popular among the audience of the trip.

1. Mount Bromo in Malang
Beauty of sunrise (sunrise) at Mount Bromo is one of the best that you can feel in peak Penanjakan. Mount Bromo is not as big as other volcanoes in Indonesia, but the mountain has spectacular scenery and dramatic. Exceptional beauty makes tourists who visit will be amazed.

Gunung Bromo

Mount Bromo
Mount Bromo has a charming natural character, the vast expanse of sea sand, fresh air, and cold air. This is what makes the tourist attractions in East Java is favored by tourists, a destination that challenge to be conquered.

When the sun started to come back into the dusk, Mount Bromo sea of ​​sand looks attractive with orange hue that enveloped him. This beautiful scenery you can even see from Cemorolawang, an entrance to the tourist area of ​​Mount Bromo.

Riding on a sea of ​​sand which only national park is an incredible experience. Is so vast sea of ​​sand and is located at an altitude of 2392 meters, a unique nature that only you can encounter in the Earth Indonesia.

2. crater in Banyuwangi
Ijen crater is the largest crater lake on the island of Java. The charm of the tourist attractions in East Java, this one is on the lake of sulfur colored fire Tosca and blue (blue fire). You can witness this alluring panorama at night until dawn.

Kawah Ijen
Ijen crater
To reach the crater, you have to climb as high as 3 km, it will take about 1.5 hours. Climbing the slope is 25-35 degrees. Fatigue climb will pay off when he finds a beautiful charm blue fire in one of the tourist attractions in Banyuwangi nan this lure.

3. Plengkung beach in Banyuwangi
Reputation Plengkung Beach as one of the tourist attractions in East Java has worldwide. Nicknamed "The Seven Giant Waves of Wonder", this beach is favored by foreign surfers have seven rolls of waves as high as 6 meters.

Pantai Plengkung

Beach Plengkung
Banyuwangi beach is the beach which is famous as a surf spot in East Java. Many of the foreign tourists visiting Bali Plengkung beach with the aim of conquering the savage waves. This beach is part of the National Park Alas Purwo in Banyuwangi.

4. Red Island Beach in Banyuwangi
Ground red, resembles a small hill, located not far from the beach which has white sand along the 3 km, this is the reason why the tourist attractions in East Java this one is named as Red Island Beach. This is one of the charms owned beach in Banyuwangi.

Pantai Pulau Merah
Red Island beach
Besides Plengkung, the beach is also home to an attractive surfing in Banyuwangi. Red Island beach have wave heights of up to 4-5 meters, a surf spot in Banyuwangi interesting for the beginner to pro. Panorama enchanting sunset you can also feel in East Java coast this one.

5. Klayar beach in Pacitan
Located in District Donorojo, Pacitan, Klayar Beach is one of the tourist attractions in East Java visited by tourists. The charm of this beach is on the white sand, the rock that resembles the Sphinx, perforated coral, sea flute, and natural fountains as high as 10 meters.

Pantai Klayar Pacitan
Klayar Beach Pacitan
Attractions Pacitan this one is known as one of the attractive tourist destinations. Klayar beach flanked by high cliffs tower view and available for those who want to enjoy exotic panorama. You will find a lot of coral and rocks on this beach mountain. You can play around in the sea water, but not for swimming.

6. Cave Gong in Pacitan
Goa Gong is located in the village of Bomo, a beautiful cave and deep enough among the cluster of caves that are in the vicinity. Goa is the famous one of a number of tourist attractions in Pacitan. Besides the beauty of the shapes of stalactites and stalagmites, unique cave Gong is also due to certain stalactite and stalagmite can sound like a gong when struck.

Gua Gong
Gua Gong
From this cave is where it gets its name. That said, once the cave is considered haunted because often the sound of gamelan, including the sound of a gong sound in the cave. Gong Cave is a horizontal cave, meaning that in order to track it does not require special equipment and expertise.

The facilities were built to give easy access for visitors to explore the tourist attractions in East Java this one. Gong Cave has only one access entrance at the same exit. This is the reason Goa Gong serve as one of the attractive tourist destinations in Pacitan family.

7. Sempu Island in Malang
Sempu island in Malang has nan lure major attraction, namely Laguna Segara Chicks, a beach on the island with white sand and has an area of ​​4 ha. The water in the lagoon is sea water separated by rocks.

Pulau Sempu

Sempu Island
One of the attractions in East Java is actually a conservation area, not a tourist destination. This is why you should obtain prior permission from the competent authority in order to arrive at this Sempu Island. Doing trekking exploration in the region Sempu Island is a very pleasant thing, besides you can camp there with treats nan intimate private atmosphere in the midst of nature.

8. Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park in Malang
This is the largest volcanic region in East Java, covers an area of ​​800 square kilometers. Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park is the area of ​​conversion, have a unique form of sea sand covering 5,250 hectares, is located at an altitude of ± 2,100 meters above sea level.

Taman Nasional Bromo Tengger Semeru
Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park
There are many things that can lure you get from area attractions in East Java this famous. Among them, go to Cemorolawang to see from a distance the ocean expanse of sand and crater Bromo and camping spots. Or, navigate the Tengger sand sea on horseback, can also rent a jeep to explore the sea of ​​sand.

In Pananjakan, you'll be treated to the natural panorama of Mount Bromo, Mount Batok and Mount Semeru truly captivate, in Pananjakan is also a panoramic sunset and sunrise can you find most alluring.

If you prefer, you can go see lakes is very cold and always foggy, the lake is often used as a transit point for climbers of Mount Semeru. In addition, there Darungan Ranu, a camping place and the activities of animal / plant observation and captivating natural scenery.

9. Pekalen Rafting in Probolinggo
Pekalen river is located in the village of Ranu Gedang, District Tiris, Probolinggo, East Java. This is the place where you can try out adrenaline and mentang Pekalen raging river. Located about 25 km from the town of Probolinggo, Rafting Pekalen is an attraction in Probolinggo popular, presenting you challenge combined with captivating natural beauty.

Arung Jeram Pekalen
Rafting Pekalen
Along the way across the river, you will see the beauty of 7 waterfalls and caves the bats are occasionally squealing flying. Natural river rocks and clear water was really refreshing when flush the body. Several rafting operators in Pekalen offers family rafting package, which you can take along your child even though they were 6 years old.

10. Niagara Madakaripura in Probolinggo
The local community believes Niagara Madakaripura as a final meditation Mahapatih Gadjah Mada of Majapahit Kingdom. That said, the source of strength of the duke remarkable coming from a cave near Niagara Madakaripura. Gadjah Mada was there that often come to meditate.

Air Terjun Madakaripura
Niagara Madakaripura
Waterfall towering waterfalls dubbed immortal because it never stops pour water curtain of fine rain similar to those that can pass underneath.

Niagara Madakaripura impressed mystical, but it will give a dazzling treat for anyone who saw it. Go into the "space" altitude of 200 meters, the watch charm sunlight highlight the damp green moss on a rocky wall with a roar of water.

11. Bandealit beach in Jember
Bandealit beach is part of Betiri Meru National Park, a tourist destination in Jember are popular. Down the river by speedboat, canoeing, or see the many birds that live in the park are some of the interesting tourist activities you can do.

Pantai Bandealit di Jember
Bandealit beach in Jember
Doing water sports like surfing at the beach Jember body is the one that attracts many tourists, you can hire equipment that has been provided by the manager of the beach.

12. House Of Sampoerna in Surabaya
House Of Sampoerna is a museum in Surabaya, standing majestically in the Dutch colonial-style building complex was built in 1862, is a preserved historic site and tourist attractions in Surabaya interest to visit.

House Of Sampoerna
House Of Sampoerna
In the beginning, the building was used as an orphanage run by the son of the Dutch government, in 1932 the complex was purchased by Seeng Tee, founder of Sampoerna, to serve as the first Sampoerna cigarette factory. Until now, this complex still serves as a factory for the manufacture of cigarettes.

13. Park in Malang East Java
Located in the area of ​​Batu in Malang, East Java Park is a tourist place in East Java are popular among tourists. You can go to Jatim Park 1, a tourist spot in Malang is the concept of learning as well as a playground and surrounded by mountain air is so fresh. There are a variety of games at this place.

Jawa Timur Park

East Java Park
Meanwhile, Jatim Park 2 presents you an interesting entertainment zoo, with the availability of these routes surrounding the Secret Zoo to see the various animals are cute and entertaining.

Gunung Kelud

14. Kelud in Kediri
The main attraction tourist attractions in East Java this one is on the lava dome. The mountain lovers will love coming to the attraction of this Kediri. There are paths for those who want to make the climb to the summit of Mount Kelud.

mountain Kelud
You can enjoy a number of interesting activities in the tourist area of ​​Mount Kelud in Kediri, among them is the flying fox, a hot shower, and rock climbing.

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