5 Best Gifts for Food Travelers in 2015

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Are you searching for the perfect gift for the person in your life who loves both food and travel?  Worry not, we've got you covered this season, with picks that will make even the pickiest foodie traveler smile.  

1.  Rinse Bath and Body Soaps: For the Spa and Food Fan

If you want to think outside the box, try the soaps from Rinse Bath and Body Company.  Based in Monroe, Georgia, these handmade soaps combine all of your favorite foods into one bubbly spa experience.  You can opt for the Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay soaps for the wine lover, Cherrywood Smokehouse and Chocolate Stout soaps for him, and Chai Tea soaps.  And, yes, their Chocolate Soap really is drizzled with chocolate.

2.  Molecular Gastronomy Kit: For the Adventurous Cook (and Scientist)

Convert your own kitchen into a Michelin starred restaurant worthy of a Bocuse D'Or award.  With this molecular gastronomy kit, the adventurous cook can convert produce and liquids into tiny effervescent bubbles, froths, and jellies.  The kit includes 20 sachets, enough for about 20 meals, as well as pipettes, syringes, and recipes.  This would be great fun for teenagers, as well, as they study chemistry in a hands-on setting.

Nima Sensor - Nima Sensor
Nima Sensor. Nima Sensor

3.  The Nima Sensor: For Gluten-Free Diners

If the slightest bit of gluten sets off a really bad reaction, considering pre-ordering the Nima Sensor.  Simply put a small amount of food into the disposable capsule and within two minutes, the Sensor will respond with either a frown emoticon to show that there is above 20 ppm of gluten in the food, while a smiley face icon indicates gluten-free fare.  Buzzfeed tested the device and found that it generally had accurate results, though a box of Cheerios that had been kept outside was found to contain gluten though the box stated that it was gluten-free.  Nima has said that in 2000 tests, it had a 99.5% accuracy rate.

4.  The Blackberry Farm Farmstead Holiday Box: For the Gourmand

 Gourmands will immediately recognize the name Blackberry Farm.  Nestled in the mountains of Tennessee and repeatedly named one of the top gourmet resorts in the country.  If you can't afford the ludicrous price tag for a room (starting at $850 per room for the "cheapest" option), which includes sumptuous meals prepared from the farms' own produce, try Blackberry Farm's produce in your own kitchen with the Farmstead Holiday Box.  The Box includes their Waffle Mix, Preserved Blueberries, Blackberry Jam, Apple Butter with Pecans, Blackberry Farm Hot Cocoa Mix, Blackberry Farm Coffee, Willa's Shortbread Cookies with Blackberry Farm Jam (4 oz.), 2 Blackberry Farm Mugs, a Sea Salt Olive and Sinclair Chocolate Bar, Holiday Salume and Sweet Hot Mustard.

melbourne-wine-festival.jpg - flickr.com / Trupp Photography
Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. flickr.com / Trupp Photography

5.  Tickets To a Food Tour: For Everyone

The best gift is often the simplest: tickets to food tours in nearby cities.  Food tours introduce locals and tourists to amazing restaurants in a fun and inventive way.  We recommend food tour tickets as the best gift for everyone on your list because even the hard to please will love eating while exploring a city. 

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