Bangko Beach, The best Place in the world for Surfing

Monday, 11 January 2016

bangko -bangko beach

one of the legit agency of world-elegance surfing mounted that the ferocity of the waves on the seashore Bangko-Bangko in Lombok also called wilderness factor seaside within the pinnacle 10 of the great. kind the waves are not without difficulty broken by ledges, roll deep and excessive waves make this area as the fine number 6 in the international. For domestic and foreign tourists who do no longer like browsing, possibly by no means heard of this region. however for the professional surfers, visited the Bangko-Bangko seaside (barren region factor) in Lombok is a dream to be found out.


presently desert factor beach for international class surfers are still seemed as one of the pleasant waves on this planet. because it has a totally hollow wave wall that is able to throw the waves roll up to 300 meters, and a peak ranging up to 3 meters. An thrilling enjoy, thrilling and of path satisfaction for surfers if you may triumph over it. lower back and palms have been bloody abrasions because of the waves crashing on the reef by using Bangko-Bangko malignant is even turning into a image of the courage of its own.


For individuals who like to fish in the sea, there are numerous spots that you could go fishing on this coastal region. you may rent a ship in Ampenan and sailed towards the Bangko-Bangko seaside within the western location Lombok

Exploring the forest

bangko -bangko beach
For nature enthusiasts, woodland place of ​​2169 hectares magrove type that exists round Bangko-Bangko beach geared up to be explored. The wooded area at the brink of the cliff, you will find the ruins of the japanese colonial fortress and its cannon. in addition to come upon relics of warfare, these forests additionally save the authentic plants as Biduri and Sea Pandan. in case you move into the jungle, we can be dealt with as a native species this is partridge, eagle Bendol, koakiau, king prawns, and sea eagles. If lucky, you will discover a rare butterfly that protected the Trocles Helena.

Swimming and snorkeling

bangko -bangko beach
although barren region factor seaside is known for the fierce waves, however there is a component this is highly mild, calm waves and tender white sand like in Gili Meno Lombok. This tourist spot is perfect for those of you who're much less like the fourth of the above sports. clear sea water on the beach makes you without problems see the small fish going for walks round you
The excellent time if you need to go to desert factor is in the month of may also to October, the month wherein the moon is while the tide rises or falls.
bangko -bangko beach

Here is the map that you can visit, i hope you really enjoy the best place in indonesia, the best destination in indonesia, the best trip for traveler and the best for your vacation and holiday in indonesia.

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