Coban Sewu , the best waterfall in Indonesia

Saturday, 30 January 2016

coban sewu

Attractions Coban Sewu waterfall waterfall is very beautiful, because it has the Coban Sewu waterfall area that is wide enough and tall, besides the beauty of the cliffs and crystal clear waters make this tour should not be missed when you are dilumajang. No wonder so many tourists who called Coban Sewu as a hidden paradise. This place is called Try Sewu because in terms of language coban means waterfall and sewu means a thousand. Why a thousand? because this waterfall has a stream of water from above is very much along the cliffs.

coban sewu

Coban Sewu has some interesting spots. There are 4 spots are most common, namely:
Firstly, via the official channels Sidomulyo Village. This path is very safe to be passed, it is also the closest to the location of the waterfall. From this point we can see the waterfall from above or see the waterfalls from below by descending through the rungs made of strong bamboo with a combination of wood, it's safe to handle. Sloping path and there are several viewing post for a relaxing moment sighed.

coban sewu

Secondly, via Goa drops. Have never felt the sensation down the waterfalls right? Here time you try. Adventure ride down the cliff rocks stalactite stalagmite with heavy water flow. Access the farthest to go down to the Coban Sewu. Must be down the stairs to the cave drops and then down again to the bottom edge of the cliff creeping towards the river flow. Continued trekking menyuri against the current of the river about 200 meters to the bottom of the Coban Sewu.

coban sewu

Thirdly, via Ampel Gading. The view from the top of the cliff southern part of Waterfall Tumpak Sewu. South side of the cliff is so steep. Stood like a wall. Despite having a combined structure of bamboo, wood and rattan as access but not so friendly especially for rock climbing trekking.

coban sewu

Fourth, via Glidik River flow. You want adrenaline to stand on super waterfall with a height of 180 meters? Please try through this route. Panorama presented also very charming, especially for fans of heights. However, it should be extra careful because there is no fence in between. Looks very deep ravine in front of the eye.


Coban Sewu is a new tourist spot located in the village Sidomulyo, District Pronojiwo, Lumajang. Coban Sewu Lumajang can be reached about 2-3 hours from Malang or approximately half an hour from the District Dampit by motorcycle or car.

Tips Towards Coban Sewu:
Here are some tips and suggestions that can be used as a preparation before heading Coban Sewu. Hopefully will be able to help. Noteworthy are the following:

Bring sandals or outdoor shoe because it would be very useful to descend steep cliffs and rocky terrain mossy rocks were very slippery.

Suggested use the services of a guide, do not ever try to find their own way because the road is very difficult to pass.
Save and secure the Electronic Equipment that is not water-wet

Carry strap would be helpful if it went with the group to make it safer.

Bring snacks and mineral water, because certainly no sellers there, because this is still wild.
Finalize preparations

For reference only: From Tempeh - Goa drops (60 minutes), Down sngai via Goa drops (30 minutes), Down the river - Coban Sewu (20 min), Rise of the river - Goa drops (45 minutes)

Pay attention to the weather
should you go when the weather is sunny and not to fall too late, because it would be dangerous if it was dark.

Here is the map that you can visit, i hope you really enjoy the best place in indonesia, the best destination in indonesia, the best trip for traveler and the best for your vacation and holiday in indonesia.

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