Senggigi Beach, The Best Sunset in lombok island Indonesia

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Sengggi Beach

Senggigi seaside is a well-known tourist spot in Lombok. it's miles at the west coast of the island of Lombok. Senggigi seashore isn't at Kuta seaside in Bali, but once we had been here will feel like being at Kuta seashore, Bali. Coastal beaches are very stunning. Underwater surroundings is very lovely, and travelers can do as much diving within the sea due to the fact the waves aren't too massive. Coral reefs are inside the center inflicting large waves breaking inside the center. There are also accommodations at less costly fees.
Lombok Senggigi seashore is a motel on Lombok's maximum famous. Senggigi beach has an extremely good beauty. Many overseas travelers who come to this seaside.

Pura Batu Bolong in Senggigi beach

Sengggi Beach

across the coast, there are two other exciting visitor points of interest, specifically Batu Bolong and Batu Layar. Batu Bolong is a temple built at the reef. The reef is situated at the waterfront. in line with the legend instructed through the humans around, the ancient temple is used as a sacrificial virgins. This virgin submitted as shark meals in the sea. some other newspaper said that if the temple is likewise used because the place of the heartbroken lady hurling himself into the sea.


Sengggi Beach

Senggigi seashore sea water is very clear, so that you can see the ocean creatures swimming freely. The waves here are also no longer too massive, so that you can freely swim and play within the open sea with friends, family or your companion. keep in mind to apply sunblock on your skin does now not burn due to the fact the sun is very warm.

Diving in the Sea to be a favourite activity in Senggigi beach

Coral reefs and marine life here is very various and delightful. in case you need to look at them more intently, please strive diving. Senggigi seaside is certainly loads of travelers go to to experience diving


Sengggi Beach

Hungry after walking around the beach? you could strive a variety of dishes traditional of chili, hen Taliwang which you may locate in restaurants located along Senggigi seashore. fowl taliwang addition, you could additionally experience Asian food menu to Europe at cheap prices.

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