Baron beach, Beautiful beach in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Baron Beach

Baron Beach is one of the attractions such as the beach, located in Kemadang, Tanjungsari, Gunung Kidul Regency. Baron Beach location can be reached 40 km from downtown Yogyakarta.Baron first name comes from the name of a Dutch aristocrat named Baron Skeber.

Baron Beach

Tourist attraction Baron Beach is a beach that forms a basin. Like the other beaches, in Baron provided various marine fish .a fish are usually sold at Baron Beach is a tiger shrimp, snapper, white pomfret and cobs. Baron Beach has facilities such as fish auctions, children's rides, boat engine, and store merchandise. srikaya fruit, bananas, soursop, and various souvenirs made from sea shells. 

Souvenirs made from mussels are sold at Baron Beach is a brooch, curtain shells, decorative lamps, mirrors decorated with coral, figura, and various animal characters were also made of sea shells.

Baron Beach

If you want a fish shop in this place, and take home, you will get fresh fish originating from catches in this beach. But if you want to taste the fish dishes in this place, the beach area there are many restaurants that you can visit to enjoy the beach atmosphere while enjoying the sea refined cuisine in this place. Baron Beach offers beautiful beaches and scenic beauty of processed seafood dishes were very tasty.

Baron Beach

In this Baron Beach you can swim as much as long as it does not pass the sign farthest limits that have been determined, however, because Baron beach has a relatively large waves and dangerous. But luckily, this beach also have the flat land that could use to swim. After wet with salty sea water then it is a time you cleanse themselves by throwing themselves into the mouth of an underground river that is contained in this beach. River water is fresh and quite fresh because it is still far from pollution carried by humans.

Baron Beach


Baron Beach is located in Kemadang Tanjungsari, Gunung Kidul Regency Yogyakarta. Located 65 km from Yogyakarta or 20 km to the south of Wonosari.


You will go to this beach to use public transport you can travel from the station to the monument to the Bus Terminal by bus TransJogja majors 1A, arrived at Adisucipto airport shelter you move the bus line to 2B to the Bus Station. Cost around IDR 3,000.

After arriving in Giwangan you look for majors Yogyakarta Wonosari bus trip takes about 1-2 hours. After arriving in Wonosari trip continued with a minibus to the beach wearing Baron.

Baron Beach has facilities that are complete to support tourism in this area include: ample parking space, a restaurant offering a menu of processed sea, hotel or inn with affordable prices, camping ground in the area surrounding the beach and the area to the fishing grounds.

Here is the map that you can visit, i hope you really enjoy the best place in indonesia, the best destination in indonesia, the best trip for the traveler and the best for your vacation and holiday in indonesia.

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