Pitu Waterfall,the most exotic waterfall in Malang-East java, Indonesia

Saturday, 27 February 2016

if you want to an adventure in Malang without having to spend a lot of time, maybe Source Pitu  Waterfall suitable for a visit. Scenic waterfalls located in the South Pujon (Kab. Malang) is fairly fresh because it became popular around 2014. In addition to fresh, not many citizens of Malang know because the instructions the way to it was minimal.

Waterfalls Sources Pitu Duwetkrajan Located in the Village area, District Tumpang, Malang. During this trekking trip, you will be treated to views of the exotic nature. Include views of the hills planted many apples owned by residents, land vegetables, cliffs and rocks are very intriguing. You will also pass through the clear river with several small waterfalls along the way. And if you are lucky, will be able to find some monkeys wandering along the road.

Pitu water at source comes from springs that appear at seven points which is almost adjacent. Uniquely, this spring is located on a cliff and the water gushed out of the ground immediately as the waterfalls are huge numbers. Discharge of water sources in Source Pitu 1,600 L / s. Given the many sources and discharge the water that comes out, possibly this spring is an underground river. Local people believe that the source of Pitu is still something to do with Mount Bromo. This waterfall is often used by people from outside the village as a place of ritual.

Source Pitu sign if the location is near is the sound of the sound of water is quite heavy, cold air, moisture and vegetation around looks wet. After that, visitors will be greeted with a fairly large waterfall. The cold, cold water, the sound of water and green natural quiet and peaceful to welcome the visitors. The last track to go to the Source Pitu, must pass through terrain that is quite heavy and determine that the climb with a slope of about 45 degrees. Conditions cliffs overgrown with creeping plants. But don't worry, because there is already a trained guide. Simply follow the instructions more experienced guides.

Not only that, before we get to the waterfall site Pitu sources, there is also a stream or waterfall Coban other. It lies at the bottom and was named Single Coban. The flow is heavy and large visible from the trail. Once reaching the point falls on this front, just look to the left then to see Coban Source Pitu. A single stream of Coban is located about 150 meters from the source Pitu who will then meet in the same watershed. This is called a waterfall at the third point.

In front of Coban Source Pitu there is a decades-old trees that had been uprooted. Its roots lifted upwards. From this point of image capture is also a charming place. A fusion of beauty, peace, challenges, and panorama in Sumber Pitu really captivate visitors. Seven high waterfall about 70 meters in the middle of the jungle gave birth to a tremendous charm. Near the source, there is dense grass that can be used to relax. To enter these attractions free of charge.

Here is the map that you can visit, i hope you really enjoy the best place in indonesia, the best destination in indonesia, the best trip for the traveler and the best for your vacation and holiday in indonesia.

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