Borobudur Need "Event" World Class

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Magelang - The Ministry of Tourism of RI to encourage the implementation of international activities at Borobudur, Magelang regency, Central Java, in order to improve the level of tourist arrivals (tourists).Therefore, a world cultural heritage it has become one of the favored tourist destinations in Indonesia. Head of Sub Convention and Event Asdep Mice Destination Development and Artificial Nature Tourism Industry Ministry of Tourism, Nur Fatonah, explaining the organization of the event which is packed with a professional will be able to attract tourists to come to Borobudur."So far, many activities have been organized at Borobudur temple, like Borobudur 10K, but will be much more interesting if the sale more aggressively again. As the Tokyo Marathon recently," said Nur, in the Meeting and Strengthening and Development of Destinations Mice and Special Event at Hotel Atria Magelang City, Monday (14/03/2016).Nur said they needed the support of all parties and stakeholders to realize these ideals. It invites people travel observers, cultural actors, local governments and other parties to work together organize a world class event but still put forward the local culture.Nur mention a few things to consider when trying to make activities, among others, related to the planning of time, budget, infrastructure and so forth. Including office is also ready to provide reinforcement for the promotion of activities to foreign countries."We see Jember Carnival or the Tour de Ijen in Banyuwangi, East Java, they are able to create events that attract thousands of tourists and international media came to the area," he stated."They've made a theme, plan activities, and even one to two years earlier. It has been promoted to the international media. I believe Borobudur is also capable of making such activities," he said.He also invites the public to not only proud of the natural beauty of Indonesia uploaded on social media. But, he added, things that are needed are people who also play an active role and provide solutions so that the tourism potential of Indonesia is well developed.Subarkah Hadi Bachelor, Lecturer of the Jakarta Arts Institute, stated Magelang Borobudur lucky to have that essence can dimemanfaatkan well for the implementation of a world-class event. Art and cultural activities should be held as often as possible before other nations that use it."It is unfortunate. Supposedly, the big event is often held here (Borobudur). We can invite painters, writers or photographers the world compete to Borobudur," said Subarkah are also comedians.Heri Setiawan, Head of Research and Development of the Jakarta State Polytechnic, adding activities packed interesting and unique can be the attraction of foreign tourists to come to the largest Buddhist temple in the world.This will provide a positive impact for the welfare of the surrounding community. He said the event is successful if it is supported by several factors. Among other things, has a unique, based on local culture, its location within easy reach, supported by infrastructure."Efforts to promote not less important, either from reports in the mass media and social media," he said.

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