Sikuai Island, the most exotic beach in West Sumatera

Friday, 12 February 2016

Sikuai is one of the islands located on the west side of the island of Sumatra. The government administration of the island into the Gulf Bungus districts of mourning, the city of Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia.

The island is located about half a mile northwest of the city center and can be achieved using sea transportation such as ships, via the port of Muara in time approximately 45 minutes and from the pier airud Bungus in time approximately 35 minutes.
Sikuai island has an area of approximately 44.4 hectares, including a year-round tropical island with white sand beaches and still have natural tropical forests.

As a tourist destination, the local government in cooperation with the private sector has facilitated this island with a five-star resort hotel. it's about 2.4 Ha of the size of the island has been used as a resort area, while the rest are still in the form of forest and beach. Hotel resort in the island presents 54 pieces of cottages, restaurant, rooms for meetings, and the pool, although the rental rates are quite expensive, but visitors can enjoy the beauty of the beach with around the island or explore the natural forests to climbing or nautical tourism.

There are resorts that become the only resort on the island named New Sikuai Island Resort. Rates stay at this resort ranging from Rp 750,000 per night. But for tourists who just want to enjoy the beauty of this island for one day without staying also provided one-day tour package with a very affordable cost starting from Rp 250,000 per person. The fee includes the cost of a round trip from the pier, lunch plus a refreshing young coconut, but could not get to enjoy the sunset at Sikuai is due at 16:00 should've left Sikuai.

The beauty of the sea, its natural beauty and the facilities were very supportive to make Sikuai as a tourist destination worth visiting while in Minang. So Sikuai immediately put into the list of your upcoming trip.

Here is the map that you can visit, i hope you really enjoy the best place in indonesia, the best destination in indonesia, the best trip for the traveler and the best for your vacation and holiday in indonesia.

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