Lonely Planet Ranks Flores as 8th Best Region To Visit in 2015

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Flores is the kind of gorgeous that grabs hold of you tightly. There are empty white-sand beaches and bay islands, exceptional diving and snorkelling near Labuanbajo. An infinite sky-line perfectly shaped volcanoes craft knife-edge ridges and spectacular river canyons are carpeted by a vast tapestry of hip-high, luminescent rice fields that undulate in the wind next to swaying palms.
The island’s 1.8 million people are divided into five main linguistic and cultural groups. From west to east, there are Manggarai (main town Ruteng), the Ngada (Bajawa), the closely related Ende and Lio peoples (Ende), the Sikkanese (Maumere) and the Lamaholot (Larantuka). In remote areas, some older people don’t speak a word of Bahasa Indonesia, and their parents grew up in purely animist societies. Lonely Planet also recommended other small towns such as Bajawa which still retains well preserved traditional culture.
Taman laut Riung 17 pulau flores
17 Islands Riung Marine Park, Flores
Wae Rebo Village, Flores
Wae Rebo Village, Flores
Komodo National Park
Komodo National Park
Recently, world’s most popular tourism website, Lonely Planet released the Best Destinations to Explore in 2015. Indonesia through the island of Flores in the province of East Nusa Tenggara, was chosen among the Top 10 Best Regions  in Travel 2015.
There are many places where visitors can indulge in their sheer beauty. Situated west of Flores, Labuan Bajo is a peaceful small port complemented with beautiful beaches nearby.
According to Lonely Planet, a week in Flores can provide  a truly fascinating experience. A trip to the Moni area and Mount Kelimutu will offer its own memorable experience. The sunset over the three-colored Lake is definitely an unforgettable spectacle. Further to Maumere, you will discover Paga Beach which radiates a serene atmosphere.
There are some places you should visit in Flores :
1. Koka Beach, Maumere
2. Lake Kelimutu
3. Labuan Bajo
5. Wae Rebo Village
6. 17 Islands Riung Marine Park
7. Pink Beach
8. Kanawa Island
9. Cunca Rami Waterfall
10. Rinca Island
How To Get There
Flores Island is located in East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. The trans Flores ‘highway’ twists and tumbles nearly 700km from Labuan Bajo to Larantuka, at the eastern end of the island. For those with more money than time, car rental is available in Labuanbajo or Maumere. The trans-island rate is 500,000Rp per day, including driver and petrol. This is becoming a very popular option for small groups, as you can stop for photo where you like, and take in remote attractions.
Motorcycling across the island is fantastic with the combination of roads and scenery, but it’s only experienced bikers, due to tough condition and blind bends.

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