The Most Romantic Places in Indonesia

Saturday, 23 April 2016

There is nothing quite like being newlyweds. Don’t let the sensation quickly fade away by falling into typical honeymoon destination traps. The Indonesian archipelago with its shimmering silver beaches, hilly terrains, enamoring emerald islands, dense woods, and azure waters proffer the perfect idyllic ambience for honeymooners. Here are our top six choices of dreamy alternatives for the lucky couple. Top Honeymoon Destinations in Indonesia.
1. Bali Island
The perfect honeymoon hideout, no place can give you more serenity and solitude than the beautiful, bewitching island of Bali. If you wish to savor your honeymoon moments amidst nature’s lap, take a day’s trip to the Ubud Village well-known for its acres of rice plantations in terraced fields, the quaint ambience and of course the cultural exuberance. With its array of peppy private beaches, exotic forests and enticing volcanoes, Bali ranks not only at the topmost honeymoon destinations in Indonesia but among the best ones in the whole world as well. The charm of Bali is still luring tourists all over the world. Bali was chosen as “World’s Most Romantic Islands 2013” by CNN Travel.
Viceroy Bali

2. Moyo Island
Moyo Island, a small island north of Sumbawa Island, is a world-class tourist destination that is know for its serenity and effortless beauty. Although this island is relatively tiny, covering approximately 30,000 hectares, its extraordinary wealth of unspoiled nature makes it big enough for a new world for two. The beauty of it does not only feature the typical white sand beach and a crystal clear ocean, it also offers an untouched forest, home to heaven of waterfalls and nature rives.
Pulau Moyo
3. Banda Islands
Quite different from the traditionalspirit of Bali, the fertile Banda Islands located in theMaluku province of the country amidst the Banda Sea presents a fascinating panorama of marine life. Divers, this honemoon trip is for you! Imagine a whole week overlooking the view of Mount Api. Everydaym an underwater exploration of a kingdom of beauty awaits in the seven islands of this archipelago – Neira Island, Lonthoir Island, Pisang Island, Hatta Island, Ay Island, Rum Island and of course the volcano itself, Mount Api. Mandarin fish, giant table corals, all kinds of soft corals and a vast variety of pelagic fish are the typical sightings at Banda’s dive sites.
pulau banda
4. Yogyakarta
Yogyakarta is indubitably one of the most romantic destinations for newly-weds in Indonesia. Known as for its rich historical culture, the island is teeming with relics and remains of the days of yore, narrating the grandiose past of the archipelago. You can visit Kaliurang to capture some romantic snaps with your spouse at the white churning mountainous stream of Hawanya in the backdrop of scenic mountain valleys. Kaliurang is 28 kilometers north from the Yogyakarta city center, exactly in the hamlet of Kaliurang, Hargobinangun, Pakem, Sleman.

borobudur morning
5. Surabaya
Surabaya is another of the popular places to go honeymooning in Indonesia. Whether it is the mosques and monuments that stand with their unprecedented grandeur, or the magnificent China Town, beckoning gourmands to titillate their taste buds with a tinge of the Chinese culinary delights, the city proffers opportunities galore for honeymoon couples to savor the soul of Indonesia.
6.  Sampireun Village, Garut
It sounds unlikely to find a romantic hideaway within the busy life of West Java. But there is one perfect destination filled the romantic ambiance and rustic atmosphere tucked away from all busy towns in West Java.  Kampung Sampireun is a floating resort outfitted with gazebos, distinctive cuisine and traditional Sundanese music. It offers both simplicity and luxury perfect for honeymooners looking for a unique and romantic experience at whole new level.

kampung sampireun
7. Lombok Island
Lombok Island has  atmosphere and the beautiful underwater scenery and fascinating. The waves are not too big and quiet, of course will add romance honeymoon. That’s good because it keeps the crowds down.

Lombok Island, West Nusa Tenggara
8. Bintan Island, Riau
Bintan Island is truly enchanting natural beauty of one of them. Glistening white sand, blue water, and crowded as the trees is a fusion that makes this island so beautiful.
Banyan Tree Bintan84066e5e95
9. Belitung Island, Riau
Stunning scenery on the island of Belitung, perhaps can not be found on other islands, this is the privilege of this island be a place for a romantic honeymoon. Belitung Island is dominated coast with beautiful panoramic views, crystal clear water and white sandy beaches along the coast. Number of bays with calm waters make this place ideal for honeymoon couples who enjoy water sports.

pulau belitung tanjung pandan
10. Takabonerate Island, South Sulawesi
Takabonerate Selayar District, South Sulawesi, will be prepared as an international tourist destination with the scheduled implementation of annual programs of international tourism
Takabonerate Island
Visit Indonesia for a truly marvelous honeymoon!

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