Top 10 Tourist Places in Indonesia

Saturday, 23 April 2016

The beautiful country of Indonesia is located on the Equator and lies in between the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. Boasting of about 18110 islands out of which about 6000 are inhabited, Indonesia is the largest archipelago and the fourth most populous country of the world.
The following are the Top 10 tourist places in Indonesia :

borobudur temple
The Borobudur is located 40 kms to the northwest of Yogyakarta and is amongst the most popular Buddhist temples of the world. The grand temple was built way back in the 8th and the 9th centuries and required about 2 million blocks of stone in its construction. However, it was abandoned around the 14th century for unknown reasons and lay hidden in the jungle until it was rediscovered and turned into the top tourist attractions of Indonesia.
tanah lot bali
Bali is another Indonesian destination which is extremely popular all over the world. The rugged landscapes, exotic beaches, wild nightlife, super luxurious hotels and spas along with a picturesque backdrop ensure that it remains a paradise for tourists. Further, friendly locals, a magnificent culture and great adventure sports have also played a huge role in enhancing its appeal.

Mount Bromo 
 The GurungBromo is located at a height of 7641 ft. and is also an active volcano. The top of this volcano has been completely blown off and the craters belch out white smoke continuously. The volcano is surrounded by fine volcanic sand which further adds to its eerie feel. The entire setup seems to be out of a Harry Potter movie and tourists love the place for the unusual and unearthly sights that are on display.

Komodo National Park
Photo by Leafbug
Photo by Leafbug
The Komodo National Park is situated in the Lesser Sunda Islands and is named after one of its inhabitants, the Komodo dragon. The park also boasts of numerous camping and trekking opportunities and extremely exotic flora and fauna.

The Gili Islands

gili islands
The Gili Islands are an archipelago of the smaller islands of GiliMeno, Gili Air and the GiliTrawangan. These islands allow tourists to escape the hustle bustle of the city and live in pollution free environments since there are no cars or bikes on the islands. Tourists can enjoy themselves in one of its mesmerizing beaches or simply stroll around the islands.

Toraja land1
Torajaland is one of the highland regions of Indonesia and is located in South Sulawesi. The place is very popular for its peaked roof houses and spectacular funeral rites.

The Bunaken is one of the most popular diving and snorkeling sites of Indonesia and is located to the north of the island of Sulawesi. These islands are the part of the Bunaken Marine Park which boasts having more than 70% of the fish varieties that are found in the western Pacific Ocean.
Baliem Valley
The Baliem Valley offers tourists a glimpse of the stone age world of yesteryears. Most tourists come here to revel the mountain views, gawk at the roaring rivers and experience a traditional tribal village life.
Tanjung Puting
The TanjungPuting National Park is located on the island of Borneo and includes exotic wildlife such as sun bears, clouded leopards, pythons and orangutans.
Lake Toba

lake toba medan
 Finally, the Lake Toba is another sight which draws visitors from all over the world due to its mesmerizing beauty and marvelous sights. Located on the island of Sumatra, tourists come here to relax and swim in its volcanic waters.

The country also has a Visa waiver program and those with a uk passport simply need to show their passports on arrival and get it stamped. Indonesia is popular amongst tourists due to its wild parties, mesmerizing beaches, lush green tropical rainforests, luxurious spas and resorts, adventure activities, exotic monuments and grand architecture.
*Author : Sarah, a professional blogger and copy writer from Manchester. She loves travelling and writing reviews on various destinations. Her hobbies include surfing internet and playing online games.

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