Mounth. Merbabu & Mounth. Merapi

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Merbabu a mountain adjacent to the Mount Merapi. Merbabu have 7 peaks exotic, Padang Savana-like hills Teletubies, hills hilly truly captivating eyes, plus Kenteng Songo legendary peak and peak triangulation adds to the beauty of Mount Merbabu. Mountain, located in three districts; Semarang, Boyolali, and Magelang is a favorite of mountain climbers, because it has a diverse hiking trails with various levels of difficulty. With the status of a National Park area, providing added value as a must-visit location disambang the Mountaineering.
                                        Gunung Merbabu & Merapi
Mount Merapi, who does not know Mount Merapi, an active volcano that often get in the news media.
                                        Gunung Merapi
Besides the dangers of Mount Merapi, there is a beauty that does not exist elsewhere. Bubrah market, country in the cloud, and of course the unique crater of Merapi. If lucky hikers can see the phenomenon of circular rainbow around Watu elephants and Sunrise feast for the eyes.

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