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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

again planning to visit the city of Banda Aceh or are looking for a cheap hotel in Aceh the right to stay in accordance with your bag? We would recommend to you.

Vacation to the city of Banda Aceh enough of a selection of interesting places that should not be missed, as the most famous is the magnificent Mosque Baiturrahman, Tsunami museum, the ship above the house, and much more. For about the guests do not need to worry, because in the city of Banda Aceh all accommodation types, ranging from suitcases to ranser.

Reporting from CNN Travel, following a stay in the city of Banda Aceh, the tariff from 70 thousand to 2.5 million you can stay in the city of Mecca with a deep porch. The following hotels in Banda Aceh from low price to high price.

Hotel in Banda Aceh

1. Hermes Palace Hotel
                            Hotel Hermes Banda Aceh
Hotel Hermes Banda Aceh. Various five-star hotel can be a place to spend the night in Aceh. The facilities in each of his hotel will pamper you after a day around the Porch of Mecca.

Hermes Palace Hotel is a four-star hotel located on Jl T Panglima Nyak Makam, Banda Aceh. The hotel has complete facilities such as swimming pool, gym, to the restaurant which is open 24 hours. Price per night here start from Rp 645 thousand for Standard, US $ 775 for Grand Deluxe, Junior Suite Rp 995 to Rp 1.3 million for the Executive Suite, to $ 2,550,000 for the President Suite.

For the President Suite, you will get a bigger room. As well, there are two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a living room. Hermes Palace Hotel can be reached in 20 minutes from Sultan Iskandar Muda Airport, Banda Aceh.

2. Grand Nanggroe Hotel
                              Grand Nanggroe Hotel Banda Aceh
In addition, there is also the Grand Nanggroe Hotel. This is a three-star hotel located on Jalan Tengku Imum Lueng Bata, Banda Aceh. Price per night stay here starting from Rp 638 thousand to Rp 1.786 million. Grand Nanggroe Hotel there is a swimming pool, fitness center and karaoke.

Fun, this hotel also has Nanggroe Cafe. This is a cafe located on the 5th floor and being outdoors. While coffee, you can see beautiful scenery from here. Nanggroe Cafe was an outdoor cafe on the 5th floor Open from 12:00 am until 1:00 pm every day, except Friday it open from 13:00 pm.
For lovers of culinary tourism, next to the hotel there are Eating Aceh. Eating Aceh like a house on stilts, suitable for lovers of culinary tourism.

3. Hotel Sulthan

For a traveler's suitcase stylish, hotels can singgahi is Sulthan Hotel. The hotel is located at Jl Sulthan Hotel, Banda Aceh. Today, Sulthan Hotel is deploying a discount!

When being discounted standard room price from Rp 400 thousand of which USD 550 thousand, Deluxe Rp 450 thousand from Rp 750, and Executive Suite USD 1.5 million from USD 1.6 million.

In total, there are 150 rooms in Sulthan Hotel. The hotel is located in the city center and close to the Mosque Baiturrahman or shopping centers. Sulthan Hotel is only 20 minutes from the Sultan Iskandar Muda Airport.

4. Hotel Prapat
                              Hotel Prapat Banda Aceh
For those of you who like traveling by way of a backpacker, Aceh has many hotels at affordable prices. The range starts from Rp 100 thousand, you've been able to sleep well. Cheap hotel which is well known in Aceh is Hotel Prapat. The hotel is located at Jl General Ahmad Yani, Banda Aceh. Price per night at Hotel Prapat ranging from Rp 100 thousand to Rp 250 thousand.

There are 4 classes at Prapat. The first USD 100 thousand in facilities just a fan, from Rp 175 thousand to Rp 200 thousand and $ 250 thousand of which are using AC.

There are 45 rooms here. Location in the city center, allows you to travel to Sabang or around the city of Banda Aceh. Apparently, the hotel is also a favorite place of origin of Jakarta overnight traveler you know!

5. Hotel Palembang

Equally hotel is cheap Hotel Palembang. Hotel located on Jl Anwar, Banda Aceh to fix the price per night stay no more than Rp 200 thousand.

Price per night at Hotel Palembang is ranging from Rp 70 thousand to Rp 100 thousand to Rp 135 thousand to Rp 160 thousand to Rp 200 thousand. The average under $ 200 thousand.

Amenities at this hotel is no fan for the room with the price of Rp 100 thousand and air conditioning as well as a TV room for Rp 200 thousand. In total, there are 23 rooms here.

6. Tourism

Other hotels in Banda Aceh is Tourism. Lastly, the hotel at affordable prices is Tourism. It is located in Jl General Ahmad Yani, Banda Aceh. Fun, rooms here have air-conditioning facilities.

In Tourism are only two prices at Hotel Wisata, ie USD 175 thousand and USD 225 thousand. Everything is disposable air conditioning, no hot water only difference in the more expensive rooms.

That hotel in Banda Aceh. So which of your choice, like a suitcase or backpack style style during a visit to Aceh?

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