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Saturday, 23 April 2016

amazing kiluan dolphin
You surely love dolphins, marine mammals which are famous for their witty, intellect and gregarious nature. In the world,there are only limited locations to see wild dolphin encounter. If you can not go to Tangalooma Moreton Island in Australia to see wild dolphins, the other best option is to go to Kiluan Bay, Lampung, Indonesia.
Lampung is 25 minutes away by plane from Jakarta. There are more than 15 flights a day serving Jakarta – Lampung.

Kiluan Bay is located in Kelumbayan district, Tanggamus regency, Lampung. The distance from Lampung’s capitol Bandar Lampung is about 75 km, about 3 hours journey by car. You can ride a motorcycle,or drive a car such as SUV, Jeep, or Van to explore the location there.
Along the way, you will pass through many scenery location, from Klara coast to green hill with a beautiful ocean to get to the location in Kiluan Bay. There are few Kiluan tour provider, because it is still under development. But if you choose to visit Kiluan Bay, you can contact one of the provider in They run the trip to kiluan every week, solo traveller accepted and importanly, they are the most budget friendly i can find in internet.
By choosing a travel agent, you can organize trips and enjoy dolphins with a ease , because has prepared all your needs in four packages. From two days to four days packages. My advice is better you choose a package of three days or four days. Why? Because there are many incredible destinations around the Kiluan Bay with world class scenery.
Be Friend with the Dolphins
kiluan dolphin
The best time to see the dolphins is at 6:00 am, because the sea wind and wave still calm and the dolphins are still in their habitat around the Sunda Strait. Travel time is about one hour by fishermen’s boat  (called Jukung)  with two to three passengers, toward to the middle of the Hindia ocean. When you get the dolphins area, it doesn’t take long time for tourists to see marine animals swim freely. It’s Amazing.
Karang Pegadung (Pegadung Rock)
karang pegadung lampung
Not enough with dolphins attraction, you can visit other beautiful destination around the Kiluan Bay called Pegadung Rock (Karang Pegadung). You will need to ride a motorbike for an hour (25 km) from the dock towards to the Kelumbayan hills then you will see tall rocks and natural beach. At the first glance similar to Phi Phi Island in Thailand, but I believe this one will make you more fascinated.
Laguna Beach
pantai laguna lampung
Next destination is Laguna Beach which is located not far from the Kiluan Bay’s dock. To go to the location, you will be guided by local guide who will help you .You will climb and drop down the hill pass through cocoa trees belongs by locals. After pass through the hills, you will arrive at the beach with high waves.Travel continues across the rocks and reefs which are fully challenging. Don’t forget to bring a bottle of water because there is no minimarket.
Well .. what will be seen by the tourists? Many more kiluan beauty still hidden and not introduced to the public yet. Fatigue is rewarded with beauty and fun at the pool surrounded by rockswith a view of the blue sea. It’s Amazing
So, what are other destinations in Kiluan Bay? There are waterfall, and white sand beach (Pasir Putih). So that is why you need a vacation to Indonesia to enjoy the natural beauty of this equator country.
What to bring:
  • Drypack bag to protect your stuffs such as camera
  • A bottle of water and snack while you travel to Karang Pegadung and Laguna Beach
  • Flashlight
  • Prepare some drugs for emergency use, especially if you are seasick, adhesive bandage (sticking plaster)
  • Sunhat, sunglasses and sun block
  • Acomfy shoes

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