Moyo Island, Naturally Mysterious

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Still off the international tourist radar, this secluded island is an unspoiled paradise. Moyo Island, at the mouth of Saleh Bay, is a small island and nature reserve located 3 kilometers off the northern coast of Sumbawa Island, West Nusa Tenggara. It is still unspoiled and has been favorite exotic destination for overseas celebrities to hide away from paparazzi such as Lady Diana and Maria Sharapova.
But that is not only thing worth nothing about this island. Moyo is probably the most rewarding destination in Sumbawa, the beauty of its pristine environment – sparkling coastlines, wealth of underwater life and a grassy savannah home to all sorts of wildlife – offers both tranquility and adventure for outdoor lovers and diving enthusiast.

Pulau Moyo, Sumbawa
Moyo Island rises up to 648 meters above sea level. And as proof of the unspoiled natural environment of this island of approximately 30,000 acres, hundreds of butterflies can be seen flying about behind bushes, around tress or in the middle of the savanna. Moyo Island is also home to 21 species of bats, birds, macaques, wild pigs, deer and snakes.

Because the island is sparsely populated, and is relatively untouched, it is best to not venture into the island without a guide because you are likely to get lost!
As far as nature goes, the island has it all! There is a beautiful dense forest, cascading waterfalls, natural rivers, and an aquatic wonderland bursting life. An alternative activity is caving. There are several caves that are accessible by foot, one of them is Ai Manis Cave.

pulau moyo
Moyo Island is also a paradise for bird lovers. Of the 124 bird species found in Sumbawa, 86 are found in the island. Rare bird species can also be found here. Among them are yellow -headed parrots and megapodes, which are chicken like bird, also known as burung gosong. The megapode is a unique bird because it builds a large mound of debris to incubate its eggs with the heat of decomposition.

The crystal waters surrounding the island offer breathtaking underwater beauty. The marine park is filled with spectacular  soft and hard coral formations, as well as numerous animated marine animals.
How to Get to Moyo Island
Getting to Moyo Island is easy. One can travel by car from Sumbawa Besar to Ai Bari, a coastal village located 20 kilometers north of Sumbawa Besar, where you can charter a boat on the spot. Hotels in the city of Sumbawa Besar such as Tambora Hotel and Golden Beach Hotel can also recognize trips to Moyo. You can also opt to sail across inketinting, which is a local fishing outrigger.
The rich and famous, I imagine, would have preferred a helicopter transfer from Bali directly to Moyo, which is of course possible. The trip to Moyo on the speedboat was indeed very speedy. It only took 15 minutes.

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