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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Journey to the west side of Indonesia will take the travelers to the island called Pulau Weh (Weh Island). This island has a city called Sabang and many people mistook Sabang as the name of the island. This Island is famous as the diving and snorkeling site in international standard.
The island is located at the northern tip of Sumatra Island and it is not too difficult to be reached. Around the island, people can also find the facilities those can be chosen. The facilities may not be perfect but all of them are the best can be served by the locals of Pulau Weh.
Reaching the Island
In order to reach the island, travelers will need to get to Banda Aceh first. From this city, they will need to go to the Ulee Lhe pier and then take a ride on the available ferries to Balohan pier. From Balohan pier, travelers will still need to get to Sabang. They can hire taxis or hire the motorcycle ride or take becaks. In order to get the best price, travelers will need to be able to negotiate and they need to negotiate hard. There is no official price sets so every traveler will need to negotiate whether they like it or not. Motorcycle rides and becaks will be cheaper than hiring taxis.
As soon as arriving in Sabang, travelers will be able to choose bungalows or resorts as the place where they will stay before finally explore the city of Sabang. Around this city, there is a spot called 0 km. here can be found a 20 m tower with Garuda on top of it. Travelers will be able to walk around beaches like Tiga Sumur beach, Gapang beach and Iboih beach. Or travelers want to visit the Pria Laot waterfall in the middle of the woods. But to get to this waterfall will need 12 km trip to a village called Pria Laot then continue for another 1 km to reach the waterfall.
Going to a Dive
This island has for about 20 sites for diving and these sites for diving are less populated than the other dive sites in Indonesia. And thus makes this island’s diving spots are considered to be secret spots by a lot of people. The underwater view is amazing truly beautiful. The reefs around this island are notably natural and untouchable. The bottom topography of the diving sites will serve a different experience for divers such as the large boulders on the sandy slopes to the coral gardens. Every single element is interesting for the divers.
dive weh island
The best site to dive in is probably the house reef at the Gapang beach. In the diving spot, divers will find the rare critters such as Frog Fish, Gurnards and Star Gazers. There are also fish like the Whale sharks, Mola Mola and Manta rays those will come to the diving spot when the season is right. One thing that must be remembered by the people who want to dive is almost all diving sites will be closed during Friday morning.

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