The Uniqueness of Surfing on the Bono Wave of Kampar River

Saturday, 23 April 2016

bono wave riau
Surfing is something fun and a lot of people eventually love it that they even cannot stop from trying to find the new experience of surfing in various places around the world. Imagine the beach with sometimes white sands and the big waves coming from time to time. Yes, it is intriguing to see how surfer trying to stay on the surf board. Although that there is an adrenaline pumped, some people may wish to get something unique and that is what these people will get when they decided to visit Sungai Kampar or Kampar River in Riau, Indonesia.
A long time ago, Kampar River was known for having Bono wave in a rather scary way. There were ships sunk into the depth of the river because of Bono wave and the locals in Teluk Meranti often tell tale about the seven ghosts. Behind the scary tale, this river is a charming river in the eyes of surfers who always try to find new experience in surfing and enhance their very own skill in riding the big waves of water.
In Kampar River, there is a wave called Bono wave or the locals used to call it Bono Seven Ghosts because the old takes about the wave that said to be a form of seven ghosts. The actual explanation about the big wave of Bono is this: Kampar River is the meeting point of Kampar River’s stream with the stream of South China Sea as well as Melaka Strait’s stream. The streams are strong, huge and high. The height of a wave can reach 4 to 6 meters and there is a rumble sound come along with the wave. This is the similar phenomenon found in Pororoca in Amazon River.
In order to be able to surf in Kampar River, travelers will need to reach Pekanbaru with planes and then taking a bus or car to a village called Teluk Meranti. The trip from Pekanbaru to Teluk Meranti will take approximately 6 to 7 hours. The peak of waves in Kampar River will come in November all the way to February. Within those months, there will be a lot of surfers come from various places and will try to surf on the wave of Bono. During those months, the height of the wave will reach 6 meters and that is something interesting and challenging.
Surfing in Kampar River is not recommended for the new surfers who have not enough experience. Surfing is indeed fun but there is a skill needed here. In Kampar River, surfing is especially difficult due the fact that the water in the river is muddy. Because water and mud of the river blended well together, it takes the great and experienced surfers to be able to safely ride the wave. The muddy water will cause the surfer boards become heavier and this is something that will cause trouble and may put the surfers in danger. Only surfers with more experience will be able to surf safely.

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