Karimunjawa Island is the Ultimate Tropical Paradise

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Consisting of 27 islands, Karimunjawa is the ultimate tropical paradise. White sand beaches, crystal clear water, rich biodiversity, and seclusion from the busy world are part of the deal here.  Of the many islands scattered of this northern part of the Semarang coast, only five are inhabited by local fishermen.
Indonesia’s Karimunjawa archipelago, 120 kilometers north of the Central Javanese harbor city of Semarang, is a gem of a spot. Only five of its 27 tiny islands are inhabited, and these by less than 10,000 people, most of whom make their living from fishing or seaweed harvesting. The rest of the islands have been protected as a national park since 2001, worthy boutique resort named Kura Kura, the only luxury accommodations in Karimunjawa island.
In addition to its languid pace and creature comforts, Kura Kura also provides guests with amazing diving and snorkeling opportunities. According to the Wildlife Conservation Society, Karimunjawa island is home to 250 species of reef fish and 100 types of coral, not to mention the sea turtles that Kura Kura is named for.
How to get to Karimunjawa Island
A ferry leaves of Karimunjawa from Semarang every Saturday at 9 am and the ride back is provided every Sunday at 2pm. The trip takes 3.5 hours one way. One can opt to stay for a week or take a fast boat that leeaves from Karimunjawa to Jepara every Monday. From Jepara it is another two hour to Semarang.

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