Mount Papandayan, One of the Natural Wonders in West Java

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Passing through the crater of sulfur, clear streams, perished forests due to eruptions and beautiful edelweiss fields, all these wonderful details that enliven the hills with enchanting views of Mount Papandayan. Located at Cisurupan District in the town of Garut, West Java, Indonesia, it soars 2,622 meters above sea level. Most of its access routes are now somehow undetectable since the 2002 eruption, hiding the true beauty of Mount Papandayan. The eruption truncated the volcano into a broad shape with two peaks and a flat area one kilometer wide with a crater in the middle, making the mountain look like twin volcanoes. One of those peaks is Papandayan.

Mount Papandayan
The trek started by going through limestone formations and an active sulfur crater. From the crater, the trek continued for another half an hour until arrive at Pondok Salada. This is where climbers usually set up tents for a night’s rest. It is a spacious area surrounded by edeilweiss flowers, wild weeds and some trees that aren’t really that shady.  There is no need to worry about water supply, because there is is non-stop “watering system” that pours through blue hoses in Pondok Salada.
If Pondok Salada seems to offer such a scenic surrounding, the natural beauty is about to become a dozen times more charming. After champing a night at Pondok Salada, you should go to Tegal Alun. There are two alternatives routes to reach Tegal Alun, through steep rocks or via a dead forest. To enjoy every bit of Mount Papandaya’s beauty, I suggest to ascend via dead forest and descend through the steep rock. Going through the dead forest meant hiking across a stretch of forest ferns. This track can become particulary dangerous when it rains, because the remnants of ash from the eruption make the track very slippery.

Tegal Alun, Mount Papandayan West Java
For ahead  was a neadow of edelweiss flowers blossoming beautifully and blending perfectly with the blue skies and fluffy clouds. Don’t hesitate to drink the water. It is perfectly clean. Edelweiss, the eternal flowers, were everywhere. Tegal Alun was very quiet.

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