Macan Island, The Eco-Tourism Island

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Escape the big city madness for a stress-relieving gateway in the seclusion of the eco-friendly Macan (Tiger) Island, where warm seas give way to sandy shores, just a short trip from Indonesia’s sprawling capital.
When it comes to short breaks, many people disregard Jakarta and prefer to spend a small fortune to fly out of the city. About 85 kilometers away from Jakarta, the tiny resort island offers a different kind of vacation- solar panels mounted above the sun-drenched pier, energy-efficient light bulbs tucked into corners of huts, driftwood furniture amidst organic gardens- an eco-friendly kind of vacation. Pulau Macan or Tiger Island is a charming island among the many isles of Kepulauan Seribu (the Thousand Islands) on the north coast of Jakarta.

Tiger Island Jakarta

Tiger Island Indonesia
Tiger Island is not just about beauty. To some, the term “ecotourism’ might raise eyebrows. Few realize that ecotourism does not necessarily mean having to leave modern civilization and all its comforts. It does not mean spending the night in a tent without any electricity. Here on Tiger Island, energy comes from solar panels and wind turbines that provide enough electricity for the entire island. Striving to live in harmony with nature, the resort blends the island’s natural beauty with modern facilities and sustainable way of living. It is one of Jakarta’s best kept secrets, where guests are welcomed to enjoy a better life.
The beauty of the island’s unspoiled sea lured us into a day filled with water sports, We started off by renting a wooden boat and sailed to neighboring islets for some excellent snorkeling, discovering the gorgeous underwater scenery of the Thousand Islands. After warming up, we went for a round of banana boating and then jet skiing. The facility also provides more water sport alternatives like windsurfing, scuba diving and speed boating. But do it carefully! The management does not accept liability for there activities, so do it at your own risk.
The hightlight for the night was the deserted Macan Kecil Island and Macan Gundul Island where we encountered some glow in the dark jellyfish. The staff were very helpful in coordinating the trip and ensuring everyone brought food and beverages. When overbearing pollution and craziness of Jakarta gets too much, this slice of close to home environmental heaven will welcome me any day.

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