Tips for Beginner Divers in Indonesia

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Indonesia’s underwater is located at the heart of the coral triangle and is home to at least 18% of the world’s coral reefs. For Indonesian, this means one thing, i have to dive. Because otherwise it’s like being given a Ferrari for free, but not knowing how to drive. If you think I’m dramatizing things, let me assure you that the reefs in the country are dramatic! No kidding. So diving is very recommended. Aside from the usual beginners tips such as know your equipment, never dive alone and never hold your breath, here are important suggestions for beginner divers about to discover Indonesia‘s underwater kingdoms.
wakatobi indonesia
Photo by Scuba Geek
1. Fine a reputable operator
The most important on your checklist is to find a reputable operator. Surf the net patiently and read other people’s comments on each operator. A realible travel guidebook usually provides some recommended ones.
2. Get to Know the dive sites.
Also get as much information as possible on the dive sites in the location you’re planning to visit, whether they are current-affected, their seascapes (sandy slope, wall, etc) water temperaturs, marine lives, best times to dive, and so on.
3. Educate yourself about coral reefs
Most Indonesia’s reefs are very rich and colorful, but they are also very fragile. Educate yourself about coral reefs, especially about the fact that they are living, breathing, animals that can easily be damaged even with a minor touch of fingertips, let alone and incidental blow of your fins.
4. Master your skills before taking a camera
At the very least, you should already master your buoyancy control skill before even thinking of taking an underwater camera.
5. Check your depth regurlaly
The best sites in Indonesia, particularly in the east, are blessed with amazing visibility and sunlight that penetrates deep into the ocean. It is easy to be enchanted, thinking that you’re still in shallow while in fact you could already be too deep. Check your depth regularly.

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