Reaching the Mesmerizing Islands of Derawan

Saturday, 23 April 2016

derawan island
Derawan Island
Some people just love challenges those are found during a travel. Well, traveling to islands or archipelagos usually will give that kind of challenges wanted if the challenges here mean that travelers want to face difficulties in finding particular things such as the complete facilities. Derawan Islands in Berau, East Borneo can be choice of a trip. In these islands, travelers can expect that each island will be different in term of facilities and of course each island is offering the unique scenery that will be precious to be seen and enjoyed.
Derawan Islands are consisted with Derawan Island, Sangalaki Island, Kakaban Island and Maratua Island and each one of them has their own characteristic. In order to reach Derawan Islands, travelers will first need to take a plane from Jakarta to Balikpapan. As soon as arriving in Balikpapan, another flight will be needed to reach Berau district for about 30 minutes. After arriving at Berau, travelers will still need another transportation that will take them to Derawan Islands. Travelers will need to sail through the sea but before that, they’ll need to be able to reach the harbor. Driving car will take 2 hours to reach the harbor.
maratua island kalimantan
Maratua Island
Photo by Ario Triwibowo
Another way to get to Derawan Islands is by taking flight to Tarakan and from here, travelers can hire a taxi to reach SDF harbor and take a speed boat to reach Derawan Islands. The trip with speed boat will take for about 20 minutes. The speed boat will take visitors directly to Derawan Island which is the main island amongst all islands in Derawan Islands. In this island, there are a lot of hotels or even home stays with affordable prices. There are also resorts those are offering the touch of luxury in the precious time of a trip to the islands like Derawan.
Because the trip to reach Derawan is a long one, there are some people who choose to stay for a while in Derau. This will be a good choice in order to be able to stay fresh and ready to explore Derawan as soon as arriving in that island. It is recommended to bring enough cash that will be needed during the stay in Derawan Islands. Bring the things needed such as cameras to take pictures and it will be better to get underwater cameras those will be helpful in taking underwater pictures of the beautiful corals and the little fish around those corals.
underwater derawan
Lion Fish
There are a lot of interesting things those can be done in Derawan Islands including snorkeling and also diving. There is also a chance to visit and maybe swim in a special lake in Kakaban Island. The lake is known as the lake of jellyfish and this kind of lake can only be found in two places, one in Kakaban and the other one is in Palau Island of Micronesia. Travelers may also explore all of islands in Derawan Islands by sea. They can hire boats from the locals and use the boat all day long with reasonable price.

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